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Our competencies

Your notaire is a legal specialist with public authority, responsible for drawing up authenticated documents on your behalf.


Your notaire is a public official acting in all areas of law including family, real-estate, inheritance, company, rural and local-authority law. Notaires act on behalf of the State and are appointed by the Justice Minister. Deeds drawn up by a notaire carry a guarantee of reliability and authenticity. Each document is therefore endowed with genuine public authority. Your notaire is there to assist you and to provide legal advice: you have only to ask.

Your notaire is there to assist you and to provide legal advice: you have only to ask.


Your notaire covers an extensive range of specialist areas:

Family law. In this area, the notaire may act as adviser and also as confidant and mediator. The notaire has a role to play at all life’s significant occasions: marital contracts, civil partnership contracts, the purchase of the family home, adoption, donation between spouses, inter vivos distribution, wills, inheritance …

Wealth management. Here, the notaire will analyse your family circumstances rather in the way your family doctor monitors your state of health and always in your best interests.

Real estate. This is the primary area covered by your notaire safeguarding all associated transactions, namely, property sales and purchases, placing a property under the control of a company, drawing up residential leases as well as commercial and rural leases. Your notaire will ensure the relevant parties have legal ownership and that such ownership is enforceable against third parties.

Company. Your notaire can assist and guide you in the running of your company whether this is a crafts-related, industrial, agricultural or commercial enterprise.

Land, agriculture. Your notaire will advise optimum solutions.

Fiscal advice. Your notaire can provide tax advice in regard to all the fields mentioned above.